What are the Benefits of Hiring an Interior Decorator?

Anyway you look at it, buying a home is a serious investment. An investment that you hope will grow over time, and appreciate in value.

Professional interior decorators can help boost the value of your home and make it a more comfortable and attractive space to live.

Whether you are just buying a new home, fixing up your current space, or getting your home ready to put on the market, home decoration experts can offer some significant benefits.

15 Most Compelling Reasons to Hire a Professional Interior Decorator

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Creating a Budget and Sticking to It

One of the most challenging aspects of any renovation or home decoration project is staying on budget. Unexpected costs can destroy your budget in a hurry, especially without effective planning.

Professional Appraisal and Advice

A professional designer will be able to look at a home décor situation with a more objective approach than the homeowner.
This helps reduce the likelihood of hidden costs, which the average person may not catch. This also helps create a more realistic budget.

Access to Resources

A professional interior designer will have access to vendor deals and wholesale materials that the average person does not.
This helps keeps costs low, while providing a connection to high quality materials.

Network of Contractors and Skilled Workers

Most home decoration endeavors will require the services of skilled tradespeople to get the job done.
An interior design professional will have a tried and tested list of electricians, plumbers, and contractors that have been proven to be effective and cost efficient.

An Alternative Approach

It never hurts to have another set of eyes to offer alternative insights into what might work best for your space.
Experienced designers are excellent at knowing what works well together, and what doesn’t.

Objective Decision Maker

In addition to having an extra set of eyes for a variety of options, you will also have an objective third-party mediator to help with important decisions.
Having no emotional investment in the space, like the homeowner invariably would, can help make practical and appropriate decisions to produce the best results.

Brainstorming and Collaboration

Having someone who knows exactly what they are doing to bounce ideas off can be extremely helpful. A design professional has seen it all before and will be able to give you a realistic picture of the vision you are trying to create.
Experienced designers can also help facilitate communications between you and other contractors and workers, to ensure a mutual understanding so there are no unwanted surprises.

Many Hands Make Light Work

Trying to do a home décor or reno project by yourself is not recommended even if you do have the right tools and skills.
Getting into rewiring and other specialized tasks can end up costing you more in the long run, if you end up having to call in a professional to make repairs.

Expert Guidance

Interior design can be a daunting task, and without the right guidance many people are paralyzed by inaction and nothing ever gets done.
A professional can help you stay on task every step of the way, adhering to your budget and projected timeline.

Be More Environmentally Friendly

A big trend in interior design these days is taking the green approach, and making your home environmentally friendly.
Making environmentally responsible decisions is something everyone should be interested in for the future outlook of our planet.
A professional interior decorator can help make your home more energy efficient. This is not only good for the environment, but also for your bank account.

Attention to Detail

An expert designer will take care of all the finer points and details of you home decoration. They can help with details on any contracts that need signing to make sure you are not getting ripped off.
Also, the small details of the design itself are extremely important. A professional can make sure all the furnishings and accessories work together, right down to the smallest feature.

Training and Knowledge

Professional home decorators have undergone specific training to be able to get the most out of any particular space.
Use this training and knowledge to your advantage, to optimize the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your home.

Cohesive Flow

The idea of what you want to create in your head, is not always easy to produce in reality. 

It again comes back to attention to detail that helps ensure the design changes being made are compatible with the rest of the house to create a comfortable and charming atmosphere throughout.

Reduced Stress

This is a huge advantage for any home design project. Anyone that has undergone home renos before, knows that it can be extremely stressful.

A professional interior decorator can help remove some of that stress and worry for you, by helping arrange workers and materials, resolving conflicts, and keeping you on budget.

Saving Money

Many people think they can save money by not hiring a professional and doing everything themselves. This almost never turns out as planned. 

Any money spent on hiring a professional interior decorator will end up saving you money down the road in unexpected expenses and repairs.

Doing the job right also means increasing the value of your home.

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