Home Staging

The first impression of your property can be the deciding factor for a prospective buyer. Our staging creates an inviting interior, showcases your home to highlight its best features so prospective buyers get emotionally connected with the property and make an offer.

Home Staging Services

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Occupied Home Staging - $500 and up

Create an attractive, clutter free and well maintained interior. Typically, we combine your existing furnishings and our accessories, artwork to give your property a stunning and remarkable look that buys find hard to forget.

Vacant Home Staging - $1000 and up

Stage with full or partial furnishings to give the house “model Home” appearance. Staging a vacant property is necessary as most people can’t see its true potential until it’s furnished. Over 90% of prospective buyers are unable to visualize past the empty walls. An empty house looks cold and uninviting. Potential buys will have a hard time connecting emotionally to an empty space, which does not feel like “home”. Staging it will make all the difference and will allow you to sell faster and at a higher price.

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